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I would walk back and spend my bus fare at the shop on the corner of Hyde Road and Coxwell Road on a glass of pop.

Once a year we were asked to cut out and bring in a picture to make a calendar, we would stick the picture onto a piece of card with a small printed calendar at the bottom, one picture for the whole 12 months.

I can also identify 2 other pupils for you; Middle row, sixth from the left, by our teachers shoulder is Madhuban Mistry (my best friend); Looking at the photo and starting with the girl in the short coat on the left, her name is not known. A photograph when I was at Osler Street School in the Athletic Squad, which I hope will jog someones memory.

The headmaster is to the right, I am at the back top left and I think the chap in the centre is Freddy Vears, I do not know what year it was, I could have been around 10 or 11 years of age.

Quite a few remember their time at senior school, but not so much about the J & I, so I have jotted down just one or two of my early memories at Osler Street J & I which I started around 1959/60 in Miss Voreneska's class and finished in Mr Pritchards 1965.

AMONG MY PROUDEST MEMORIES WERE BEING CHOSEN TO REPRESENT THE SCHOOL AT FOOTBALL AND CRICKET I RECALL MY FIRST GAME OF FOOTBALL WE PLAYED THE ORATORY AND I SCORED TWO GOALS TO WIN THE SCHOOL THE GAME, I ALSO WAS CHOSEN TO REPRESENT THE SCHOOL AT ATHLETICS FOR WHICH I WON THE FINAL OF THE WEST BIRMINGHAM SCHOOLS 220 YARDS FINAL. Apart from myself there was Margaret, Eileen, Gordon, and Kenneth.I cant see my best friend Kathleen Young, as she was, (but we still keep in contact) but I can remember some of the names from that class. At that time my name was Bill Hunt and remember Derek quite well.In no particular order Janet Smith, Jean Drew, Elaine Owen, Doreen Frost, Joan Deakin, Pamela Worrell, Maureen Hawthorn, Pauline Glaze, Ursula Ramshaw, Una Hunt, Marian Scott, Marion Harris, Joan Hunt, Maureen Clarke, Catherine Hanks, Pauline Turner, I'm front row, third in from the right, Lynn Hazel Crabtree, aged 5yrs. I think the teacher he mentioned was Mr Sunderland and he took 1B for a while; I seem to remember we were a handful and he found us difficult to handle at times and Mr Bowen took over.To my mind the standard of education was absolutely first class, and I consider myself very lucky to have been to that school.I am 74 this year so I don't suppose anyone remembers me, because I have never had any contact with anyone from my school days.

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